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February Small Business Showcase: La Bellina Design

Love starting something new!  Every month I will be showcasing a local business on the South Shore. We have a pretty solid line up for the next couple months! Keep your eyes peeled, along with introducing you to new businesses and ideas, some come along with a little contest/give away… Pretty fun way to keep […]

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Daphney - I love La Bellina Design. I currently own 3 of her pieces (The Lucy, The Ella, and The Girls) and I love each and every one!February 6, 2012 – 12:54 pm

Carla - What a great idea Steph! I love her Etsy shop. I love the Girl’s Initial Bracelet with Heart Charm. Ava would love it!February 6, 2012 – 1:12 pm

Sharon - I received a copper disc necklace with my granddaughter’s name and date of birth from my daughter-in-law. I love that I will be able to add a new disc to the necklace when my new grandbaby is born. La Bellina Design does beautiful work.February 6, 2012 – 2:10 pm

Amanda - The jewelry she makes is so pretty! Love the small business feature idea!February 6, 2012 – 7:02 pm

Diane Asci - Just checked out La Bella’s designs. Love the
Items and the theory behind the start up.
Have an Idea I will have to draft and see of
I can get done for a piece for us four spread
out sisters!February 7, 2012 – 9:58 am

Ellen - I am loving that Mother’s Bracelet! Beautiful work!February 7, 2012 – 8:23 pm

Sarah - I love the pawprint stamp! How cute! The textured pieces on etsy are my favorite- a nice unique look.February 9, 2012 – 8:05 pm

Julie - Such beautiful pieces! I love the initial necklace, so unique! :)February 10, 2012 – 4:03 pm

Rick & Leanne {Hitched} – SOP as a guest :)

So I was actually in a dress and heels this time around, my only wedding this year as a full fledge guest. BUT of course the camera came along for a little while, a little color correction on these images, but nothing else. Pure Raw Photos, couple black and whites! I was able to get […]

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Nancy Kennedy - As ALWAYS… Beautiful!August 29, 2011 – 4:43 pm


So anyone who knows me well knows that I do NOT like surprises. They make me nervous, confused and every other mixed emotion.  BUT I love to partake in surprises, haha I know I am so ONE WAY So when I had a special request to take a picture of a location where one boy […]

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Julie Laszczak - Best surprise ever. Christmas Eve morning 2010 being told at 9am that I was having babies. Not just any babies, premature babies. We held our breath and at 10am, two amazing surprises arrived. Beautiful, perfect, tiny, fighting surprises. They were without a doubt the best Christmas surprise ever.August 24, 2011 – 9:19 pm

Amanda Lambert - I think the best surprise I have gotten was my engagement. I came home from tending to my mother overnight after she had a surgery done. I went to put something in the fridge and found dinner all prepped (from a guy who almost never cooks…) We had wine and cheese, dinner, and then went out onto our porch for another drink. He totally forgot what he had planned out in his head, but said I made him happy then he has ever been and he wanted to marry me. This also came after he managed to get my parents home number from my cell while i was sleeping, and took them out to dinner to get their blessing.August 24, 2011 – 9:21 pm

Ashley - Best surprise ever would be when I wanted to go to school and no financial aid was available for what I wanted and I didn’t have the money so would have to wait for the Feb class. When I told my fiancee, the next day he came home with the money from rewriting his loan for me to start. So I am now starting school. I was completely surprised with this.August 24, 2011 – 9:27 pm

Lynn Martin - My best surprise ever was my 3rd child :-). Not exactly want I had planned for myself seeing I had a sleepless 6 month old at the time my Dr told me I was pg again. He has been the easiest sweetest baby ever and so lucky to have him round out our trio!August 24, 2011 – 9:32 pm

Michelle Todd - My best surprise was my engagement party. My family was able to keep it a complete surprise to me. I cried for the first half of the party because I couldn’t believe that all these people were there for us.August 24, 2011 – 9:36 pm

Angela Limanowski - Two years ago my mom had to undergo brain surgery because she had two tumors. The neurologist prepared us for the worse, cancer, and what the next phase would be as far as treatment options. The surgery was supposed to be 4-5 hours and after the longest 8 hours of my life the surgeon came out and said she was doing well but the preliminary tests done on the cells in the ER showed that they were cancerous. He told us not to get upset just quite yet because it is only a quick freeze test and they are not always accurate. I remember going home thinking that it was the worse day of my life (my mom is my best friend). I didn’t sleep at all that night and was back at the hospital at 8am, as soon as visiting hours started. I will never forget, it was 10:57am and the surgeon walked in and said he had some great news, after thorough testing of the cells there was NO CANCER!! Best surprise of my life. Her two year check up is on Sept. 7th and we are hoping for no new growth.August 24, 2011 – 10:11 pm

leigh cushing goodwin - Getting my baby girl….Whoot Whoot …August 25, 2011 – 12:55 am

caly - No doubt, the best surprise ever was our engagement. I certainly didn’t see it coming since we had JUST purchased the house. There just wasn’t any room budget wise or emotionally between school, work and our new home. :) We had planned a romantic get-away to the Cape. Despite, putting my hand by his pocket, I still had NO idea. So we’re now @ the Cape on the beach. Sure enough we started talking how overwhelming yet wonderful everthing was going while living under the same roof. One thing lead to another during our coversation and sure enough out came the box w/an engagement ring and the big ‘will you marry me?’ =D

Thanks for the trip down memory lane. I’m now smiling ear to ear! NO way could ANYONE ever pull a surprise by me. BOY was I wrong! 😛August 25, 2011 – 8:18 am

Cheryl Happeny - My best surprise ever was our engagement when Keith (my husband) was waiting at my mom’s for me after work. He had candles lit, music playing, and he started to dance with me in my mom’s kitchen as soon as I got home. I was worried I had to go record a tv show for my mom. I kept telling him I had to go set up the recording and he kept dancing with me. Then he got down on one knee with my beautiful ring in hand and asked me to marry him. I was dumbfounded and in total shock!!!! Then at my bridal shower my best friend since kindergarten came from NY and never told my family she was coming. It was the best year ever!August 25, 2011 – 10:40 am

Beth (Pendleton) Pyliotis - One of my best surprises besides finding out that I have this amazing little boy on the way! Which I don’t think anything can top that! Was last Christmas when my husband wrapped the Fodor’s Guide to Paris with a note on it saying we leave February 14th!! Valentines day!! It has always been my dream to go to Paris and he made my dream come true!! Best Surprise Ever!!August 25, 2011 – 12:02 pm

Kim - The best surprise ever you say… There are a few. But i will go with this one even though everyone is saying engagements and Births of babies, which are both SOO amazing!

Best Surprise ever for me was when I found out on christmas eve that I was pregnant. I was told by the doctor that i would not be able to get pregnant on my own (without fertility help). They were Wrong. Now i have the most wonderful 2 year old son who is my life!August 25, 2011 – 1:51 pm

Courtney Bartorelli - Finding out I was finally pregnant after 4 1/2 years of trying and failing or miscarrying a few times.. I ran to my room where my husband was sleeping screaming and crying, I think he thought I was dying.. but I am due this November with a little boy and we are beyond excited it is now just starting to be real to me I keep thinking I will wake up and it will be all a dream.. but the kicks remind me its finally real.August 25, 2011 – 7:48 pm

Nancy Kennedy - I have been very blessed to have so many wonderful surpises in my life. It hard to pick just one. The birth of my children (way back then (LOL)you didn’t know the sex of the baby until it was born)So with each child came a beautiful surprise,First Billy, then Danny and after 2 boys a another surprise having my daughter Colleen. My “surprise 50th Birthday Party” was a total surprise, because I never expected it, and I was even more suprised when my oldest son got up and danced with me, something I never thought he would be able to do after a terrible accident he was in. My latest wonderful surprise was the birth of my grandson Daniel. He just bring out the good in everyone that surrounds him. He has brought laughter and emotions I never thought I had into my life. Needless to say I LOVE surprises.
On a foot note I would like to say that I was surpised to read that my godchild, Michelle Todd’s best surprise was her engagment party. I actually threw that party for her, and I am thrilled and suprised to know how much it meant to her.August 25, 2011 – 10:13 pm

Colleen Kennedy - My BEST suprise was being gifted with such a close, kind-hearted, hard working, absolutley positively amazing family :) boyfriend, and friends. My BIGGEST suprise was turning out half way normal in life after seeing the torture my nephew goes through every Monday spent with Nana a.k.a my mother 😉 Love u MA!!!August 25, 2011 – 10:39 pm

Christina - The best surprise was on Christmas Morning opening the envelope to reveal we were going to have a baby girl! I was so excited and happy and my happiness and surprise continued when 2 years after her birth I had a baby boy…..what a completion to the million dollar family :) such awesome timesAugust 26, 2011 – 8:22 am

Joanne Zahn - I have been blessed with a few surprises in my life (my engagement to Justin, my son Aiden, my brother in law Josh coming home this past Christmas Eve safe and sound from overseas), so instead of choosing I am going with the best surprise I’ve had this year. My brother Kevin has had a long journey with sobriety and this July 4th he made it one year being sober. He is in AA and for every milestone you receive a medallion. For his one year his group was presenting him with his medallion and he asked me to present it to him at this meeting. Beyond being so proud and honored I was so surprised and it meant the world that he chose me. I’m very luck to have such an amazing family and to me that is simply everything.August 26, 2011 – 8:54 am

Katie Sarro - After a miscarriage and 5 years of fertility treatments and a “fragile” pregnancy I delivered and 8lb 8oz baby girl (on 8/8 by the way). BUT that was not my best surprise. Sometime after she turned 1 I was telling my husband that I thought I was pregnant. The doctor confirmed it and I went in for an ultrasound because I had been nursing and had no idea how many weeks I would be. The ultrasound screen blinked on and there, waving to me with his fully developed hand and his fully developed face was my 16 weeks gestation son. I had completely missed my first 4 monthes of pregnancy! Not many people can say that at their first OBGYN appointment they could find out the sex of their baby.August 26, 2011 – 9:12 am