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Happy Holidays!

Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season! I am on a little getaway – away from my computer… I am refraining myself for a week! BUT there are weddings to be posted, babies to be blogged, and pictures to be taken… SO stay tuned!    HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

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Madeleine DOB: 11/18/10

Meet  Madeleine…she is an absolute peanut and so cute you want to just squeeze her! But I didn’t, I just placed her in a basket and got to put an awesome hat on her :>) Which I think she has won- my favorite prop – I love her hat!  So this little one decided to […]

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Derek Fowles - Absolutely adorable photos Steph!! Really, really well done. They will cherish these for a lifetime…December 22, 2010 – 9:56 am

Carol Krivicich - She is beautiful!!! Enjoy -it all –it goes by too quickly!! You are certainly blessed this holiday season –happiness and good health in the new year.
Love Carol & Bob KrivicichDecember 28, 2010 – 11:58 am

Brooke Hill DOB: 9/18/10

Cute Baby!  Here is Miss. Brooke, I think this little one is on to the camera – Every time I would put the camera up – she would put on the straightest face… hysterical, I swear sometimes these little kids are smarter than we think! But I’m ok with straight faces, yawns and a little […]

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KATE - BEAUTIFUL!!! She is so perfect.. xoxoxDecember 11, 2010 – 12:00 pm

Donna - Super nice! She is a beauty!December 11, 2010 – 2:41 pm