Landon & Calleigh {Smash the Cake}

I can not believe almost one year ago I met these two little peanuts when they arrived home from the NICU. If you don’t remember them, take a look here: Landon & Calleigh DOB 12/24/10 !! And then I had a visit with them in July for their 6 months too!!  I have been able to capture their whole 1 year life, pretty amazing job huh!?:)

So we have put them in their clothes baskets every time I have seen them… look at how big they got!


Well I am off to New York City tomorrow for a much needed weekend away. BUT I know mom is patiently waiting for these pictures so I had to get them up before I left. SO this was my first Twin ‘Smash the Cake’. It went extremely well and not as messy as I expected… And as always these two kids are pretty awesome…:)

Cake Time!

LOVE this next one, haha they are thinking ‘really Lady what you want… we are just eating cake….why you always taking pictures of us!”

AND we are done…

Happy 1st Birthday my little people!!



Julie Laszczak - Yet again Stephanie, they are amazing :) Thank you so much for capturing the last year of memories for us.December 16, 2011 – 7:18 am