Baby Joe

Baby Joe has arrived! I met his parents almost 2 years ago when they came to my house to meet for their wedding.  These guys have been true fans of mine since we met and I can not say enough about how awesome they are!! So little Joe – you are truly lucky that you have the parents you do, and they are blessed to have YOU!  Joe was a trooper, he was asleep when we needed him to be… and for a newborn we all know how important that is:)I am honored to capture some of the most important times in your lives and am grateful to have people like you supporting me!

A shout out to an aspiring photographer, Liza, who made Joe’s name out of images that she put together – very creative!!

Josh Bolles - Stephanie – you are so amazing!!!!!!! We are so fortunate to have met you and thanks for sharing in these important parts of our lives! -JoshMarch 20, 2012 – 7:37 am